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Globe reporters assembled thousands of pages of documents, pulling them from courthouses and archives and the basements of long-retired people who could never quite let the case go. Read through some of the key files from the case for yourself, including interrogation transcripts, police reports, memos, and court filings.

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Reports from police divers who searched the Pines River after Chuck’s death, looking for the gun Matthew disposed of after the shooting.
A transcript of Chuck Stuart’s 911 call shortly after the Mission Hill shooting.
A police report documenting the initial physical description of the man Chuck Stuart said shot him and his wife in Mission Hill.
Several people in Matthew Stuart’s and Jack McMahon’s circles learned the truth behind Carol’s death before they finally went to police. This is a police report describing an interview with Jack McMahon’s father, who was told about the coverup within days of the shooting.
Donald Garnett statement
Faith Mikelsons was one of three people who told police she saw a third person in the car with Chuck and Carol on the night of the murder. This is her testimony before a federal grand jury.
Statement of John McMahon, page 1. (Suffolk County DA)
Statement of Eric Whitney, page 1. (Boston Homicide)

Second statement of Eric Whitney, page 1. (Boston Homicide)

Statement of Dereck Jackson, page 1. (Boston Homicide)
Memo to Attorney Regina Quinlan from Detective Peter J. O’Malley, page 1. (Boston Globe)
Transcription of Tape Labelled “1-3-90 Matt Stuart”, page 1. (Boston Globe)
David Wood Grand Jury Testimony, page 1. (Boston Globe)
Page 1 of John McMahon Plea Colloquy. (Massachusetts Superior Court)

Charles Stuart - Carol Stuart


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