15-foot diameter, 7 feet tall


Bronze with multi-colored patina


Michael Alfano

Installed on a lawn at a slight upwards angle, the 15-foot diameter bronze sunflower with its bright yellow patina symbolizes the hope for healing. Its position on the ground alludes to how the virus knocked us down, but our essence remains, and we can recover, with seeds of compassion and caring. The missing petal speaks to the lives lost and all we have gone through in the last two years.

The sunflower being enlarged by 40 times conveys the texture of the flower in almost microscopic detail and speaks to the depth and complexity of an experience we can’t fully fathom in its scope, including the overwhelming number of people affected. Yet the sunflower remains an icon of optimism and re-growth. The back of the sculpture, about 7 feet high with a verdigris patina, similar to a green flower stem, provides a space for images, quotes, and other COVID-related messages.

Coronaflower Back of sculpture

Being made of bronze, the sculpture will be both beautiful and durable, and can last for centuries in outdoor public settings, withstanding harsh New England winters. As a bright and welcoming sculpture, “Coronaflower” focuses on the warmth we need and give each other, while still acknowledging the loss without being overwhelming, healing in the way only art can.

Michael Alfano is a sculptor based in Massachusetts.