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Send The Boston Globe a confidential news tip

We want to hear from you. You don't have to identify yourself, but it helps if you leave some contact information so we can reach you with additional questions.

The Globe's Spotlight Team consists of six reporters and other staffers who join the team from time to time for special projects. Below are a number of ways that you can reach us.


Spotlight tip line: 617-929-7483

We check this tip line regularly. Those callers with a promising tip will receive a call back from a Spotlight reporter. You can also contact these representatives of Spotlight:

Patricia Wen, Spotlight Editor
Phone: 617-929-7843

Sacha Pfeiffer, Reporter
Phone: 617-929-2984

Todd Wallack, Reporter
Phone: 617-929-2069



If you are worried about protecting your identity, we suggest you avoid using your work email account. For extra security, you can encrypt your note with Pretty Good Privacy (an encryption program, also known as PGP). One of the most popular ways to encrypt messages with PGP is through Mailvelope.

Our public PGP key is available on the Ubuntu keyserver. The fingerprint is:

Note: Your email provider will still have access to the metadata for that email, such as the email address of the recipient, subject line, and date the message was sent. But PGP will scramble the contents of the message.


Spotlight Team
The Boston Globe
1 Exchange Place, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02109-2132

Other Options


Some reporters use a simple, free app called Signal to exchange encrypted text messages, video, photos and calls. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. More information about Signal is available here.

For the Spotlight team's Signal number, you can reach reporter Todd Wallack at 617-291-8123

Reaching other reporters

If you want to direct a tip to a specific reporter outside the Globe's Spotlight team, please go to our staff page.