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Boston. Racism. Image. Reality.

A 2018 Pulitzer Finalist in Local Reporting

​To our readers:

​The Spotlight Team began this project ​on race ​with deep humility. ​Taking on​ ​this topic ​has to be one of the most challenging - and controversial - assignments in journalism. ​Especially in Boston.

​Here you will find ​our ​full seven-part series, in which we tried to answer a question so critical to the city's identity and future: Does Boston still deserve its reputation as a place unwelcoming to blacks? If so, why - and how c​an the situation be improved?

​​This series​ ​can only scratch the surface o​f​ this complex topic. Our ​hope is ​that our report is fair and thought-provoking, and sparks discussions​.

​Please ​contact the team anytime at​ [email protected] or 617-929-7483. ​Members can also be reached at the emails below.

​Thank you.

Patricia Wen, Editor

Akilah Johnson

Liz Kowalczyk

Todd Wallack

Nicole Dungca

Adrian Walker

Andrew Ryan