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The Case for Biden

The Business Voter

A vote for Biden is better for business.

Illustration by Peter and Maria Hoey for The Boston Globe

What businesses need most is predictability and stability rather than the kind of uncertainty and volatility we have experienced with Trump. Joe Biden is a consistent leader who supports trade and can bring the economy back from pandemic free-fall by addressing the public health crisis and restoring wise public investments. He would be far better than the failed businessman currently occupying the White House, whose tax returns and first-term record reveal him to be unable to successfully manage a business or secure his own health and that of his staff, let alone run the country.

Better trade. Biden presents the opportunity to replace tariffs and trade conflicts with a return to trade and for American businesses to gain more respect globally. The trade deficit has increased by 24 percent since Trump took office. Trump’s tariffs have helped some US industries, but retaliatory trade levies imposed by other nations or higher costs resulting from Trump’s tariffs have hurt other American sectors, such as agriculture, aluminum, clothing, footwear, wine-making, and lobster fishing.

Pro-business Joe. As a representative from Delaware (where so many businesses incorporate), Biden has been consistently pro-business. He supports expanded relief and loan programs to help small businesses through the pandemic and favors health care reform that would keep private insurers in business while expanding care.

Grow the economy. Trump said he’d balance the budget and eliminate the national debt over two terms. Through January, the national debt had climbed by 19.3 percent since he took office. The annual federal deficit for the current fiscal year will hit $3.3 trillion. Many experts believe that Biden’s economic plan will result in a faster-growing economy, higher wages, and lower debt.

Reopening for business. Donald Trump’s failure to respond to the pandemic with strong national leadership including a robust testing program, a strong supply chain for protective equipment, unvarnished scientific advice for governors and mayors, and consistent public health messaging has fanned the flames of the contagion and shuttered businesses around the country. His botched response is a major reason why it’s unsafe for millions to return to work as well as costly and high risk for businesses to reopen. Joe Biden would be guided by public health experts to address the pandemic so that the economy can return to normal sooner.