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The Next Bite: The Meal

The future of food is here

An empty plate on a table Adobe
A comic strip

At a time when even our most iconic food metaphore seems in question, forecasting our food future isn't easy. Nonetheless, we can attempt some predictions.

The increasing adventurousness of our palates (and laws), for example, may point to a new "it" green, even as certain already-omnipresent flavor shows no sign of ceding its dominance.

In our last Instagram-centric world, meanwhile, presentation will surely continue to win over taste, perhaps leading restaurants to finally give up the fight against distracted dining.

A comic strip

For the fitness-minded, healthy eating goals may sound different from years past, though for everyone, safeguards for staying on track may be more ubiquitous.

Technological advances, meanwhile, may free some from all thought of their food's provenance, while environmental concerns could spur new involvement for others.

Finally, it's only a matter of time before the sharing economy comes to our dining tables. In fact, why not start on Thursday?

Editors Dante Ramos, David Scharfenberg, and Alex Kingsbury

Design and development Elaina Natario

Design Director Heather Hopp-Bruce

Audience engagement Heather Ciras

Illustration Cristina Martín Recasens

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