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The Boston Globe

Business, Technology, and Consumers


Andrew Caffrey

Cynthia Needham

Dan Adams

“I'm reporting on the alcohol industry, the advent of legal cannabis in Massachusetts, and other assorted business topics.”

Hiawatha Bray

“I'm the digital technology reporter, covering the myriad economic, political, and social effects of computers, telecom systems, and the Internet.”

Jon Chesto

“I cover the leaders who shape Boston’s business community.”

Shirley Leung

“I write a column on the intersection of business and politics, as well as gender and diversity issues.”

Sean P. Murphy

“I advocate for consumers’ rights by helping readers become smarter customers and by investigating claims of fraud, deceptive practices, and injustice.”

Janelle Nanos

“I cover retail, restaurants, and our consumer culture.”

Andy Rosen

“I'm reporting on venture capital and startups, with a particular emphasis on how money and ideas combine to make Boston one of the world's most interesting economies.”

Crime, Criminal Justice, and Legal Affairs


Peter Schworm

Janet Walsh, Weekends

Kathy McCabe, Evenings

Evan Allen

“I write deeply reported narrative stories with a focus on crime.”

Travis Andersen

“I cover all manner of breaking news — from police and fire to politics to education to court rulings at the state and federal level.”

Maria Cramer

“I'm a legal affairs reporter covering the criminal justice system, including federal courts.”

John Ellement

“I cover breaking news, law enforcement, and criminal justice issues.”



Felice Belman

Deirdre Fernandes

“I’m covering the business of higher education and the scourge of student debt.”

Laura Krantz

“I'm reporting on higher education trends.”

James Vaznis

“I'm reporting on K-12 education, from Boston to the suburbs and across the state.”

Food and Travel


Devra First

“I report and reflect on food, restaurants, and their cultural and societal roles.”

Christopher Muther

“I write about travel, trends in the travel industry, and explore fascinating destinations.”

Healthcare, Science, and Medicine


David Abel

“I'm reporting on environmental issues in New England and beyond.”

Felice Freyer

“I cover behavioral health and brain science.”

Priyanka Dayal McCluskey

“I report on health care, with a focus on business and policy.”

Liz Kowalczyk

“I write about the practice and culture of medicine, focusing on hospitals, doctors, and the patient perspective.”

Living and Working in Greater Boston


Anica Butler

Hayley Kaufman

Steve Wilmsen

Leslie Anderson

“I oversee the Globe's weekly regional sections, editing Globe West, which covers news and people in the cities and towns west of Boston.”

Steve Annear

“I'm chasing after the types of stories that you'd talk about in a group text or e-mail.”

Dugan Arnett

“I chase the kinds of stories that typically fall through the cracks.”

Billy Baker

“Reporting on the unexpected.”

Marcia Dick

“I assign, edit, and produce Globe North.”

Thomas Farragher

“I write a column of interest and importance to Boston, Massachusetts and New England.”

Meredith Goldstein

“I am the Love Letters advice columnist, and also write features and entertainment stories.”

Evan Horowitz

“I dig through data to find information that illuminates the policy issues facing Massachusetts and the United States.”

Katie Johnston

“I'm reporting on the American worker under siege.”

Michael Levenson

“I'm a general assignment reporter covering news throughout New England and the nation.”

Brian MacQuarrie

“I write news features with an emphasis on the often-forgotten stories and mysteries that connect Boston's past with its present and help make the city such a fascinating place.”

Bryan Marquard

“I write and edit news obituaries.”

Eric Moskowitz

“I'm always looking out for compelling or poignant stories — mostly drawn from everyday life, mostly about non-famous people, and mostly set in this great city, often with a dash of history, too.”

Nestor Ramos

“I write about issues of import and interest in and around Boston.”

Jaclyn Reiss

“I cover breaking news, politics, and stories that inflame the social world.”

Matt Rocheleau

“I'm reporting on things that work, stories about efforts locally and beyond that have succeeded, or hold great promise, in improving government, business, policy, and other aspects of life.”

Jenna Russell

“I'm reporting on a range of subjects with an emphasis on narrative storytelling.”

Emily Sweeney

“I cover local news and write the “Blotter Tales” column. I’m also a regular contributor to the Names page.”

Neil Swidey

“As a staff writer for the Globe Magazine, I focus on in-depth narrative stories, on a wide variety of subjects.”

L. Kim Tan

“I edit Globe South, a regional section covering 48 cities and towns south of Boston.”

Beth Teitell

“I report on the zeitgeist of modern-day life and work-life balance, with a particular interest in stories that examine how we live now.”

Adam Vaccaro

“I cover transportation and commuter issues in and around Boston.”

Adrian Walker

“I am a Metro columnist.”

Lisa Wangsness

“I cover religion in Greater Boston and beyond.”

Robert Weisman

“I track Baby Boomers -- their work, health, money, and lifestyle -- and life after 50.”

Arts and Books


Rebecca Ostriker

Hans Schulz

Paul Makishima

Don Aucoin

“I review and report on theater in the Boston area.”

Ty Burr

“I write reviews of new-release movies as well as a Sunday column that covers all aspects of media and popular culture.”

Mark Feeney

“I write about photography and film and edit stories about visual arts.”

Malcolm Gay

“I write about visual and performing arts in Boston and beyond.”

Matthew Gilbert

“I write about TV, finding the good shows for readers, weeding out the bad ones, and putting them all in cultural perspective.”

Zoë Madonna

“I'm reporting on Boston's classical music scene, from Symphony Hall to the tiniest back room concerts.”

Paul Makishima

“I select books for review and assign feature stories on a range of topics.”

Mark Shanahan

“I'm an entertainment and pop culture reporter.”

Opinion and Ideas


Marjorie Pritchard

Dante Ramos

Alex Kingsbury

Matthew Bernstein

“I field, select, and edit letters to the editor and ensure that readers' concerns are heard and that a wide range of viewpoints is reflected in our section.”

Marcela Garcia

“I write daily editorials, the unsigned essays reflecting the official view of the Boston Globe as a community institution, and am a member of the Globe editorial board.”

Renee Graham

“I’m an opinion columnist with a focus on race, politics, domestic violence, police accountability.”

Jeff Jacoby

“I write commentary on anything and everything — politics, culture, foreign policy, religion, economics, and society.”

Scot Lehigh

“I'm a political columnist writing about national, state, and local politics.”

David Scharfenberg

“I write stories on politics, culture, science and more for the Globe's Ideas section and editorials.”

Joan Vennochi

“I cover politics from Boston to Washington, with a focus on power, culture and change.”

Alan Wirzbicki

“I write Globe editorials, participate in editorial board meetings and discussions, and edit articles for the editorial page.”

Politics, Government, and Accountability


Shira Toeplitz Center, Politics

Chris Rowland, DC Bureau Chief

Yvonne Abraham

“I write a column on politics, crime, personalities, women, and the way big, abstract decisions affect real people's lives.”

Stephanie Ebbert

“I'm reporting on gender issues and political engagement in the age of Trump.”

Akilah Johnson

“I cover immigrant communities and immigration policy in Boston.”

Astead W. Herndon

“I'm reporting on national politics, with a particular focus on how it affects people's day-to-day lives.”

Meghan E. Irons

“I'm covering the 2017 mayor's race and exploring social justice issues in the age of President Trump.”

Victoria McGrane

“I'm covering Congress, national politics, and the Massachusetts delegation in Washington.”

Joshua Miller

“I cover politics, policy, campaigns, and elections out of the Massachusetts State House.”

Frank Phillips

“I report on Massachusetts politics and state government.”

Milton J. Valencia

“I cover the policy and politics of Boston city government.”

Matt Viser

“I cover national politics and the White House.”

Real Estate, Urban Development, and Housing


Mark Pothier

Eileen McEleney Woods

Katheleen Conti

“I am a general assignment business reporter with a focus on real estate.”

Tim Logan

“I cover real estate, urban development and housing in Greater Boston.”

Megan Turchi

“I'm reporting on the Boston-area real estate market, ranging from massive home sales to architectural gems to where to rent your next apartment.”

Eileen McEleney Woods

“I edit the Globe’s weekly Address section and, Boston’s go-to resource on buying, selling, and renting real estate as well as home design, DIY, and gardening.”

Spotlight, Investigations, and Projects


Scott Allen

Patricia Wen, Spotlight

Nicole Dungca

“I'm a reporter on the Globe's projects and investigations team.”

Andrea Estes

“I am an investigative reporter focusing on politics and public corruption.”

Beth Healy

“I'm an investigative reporter with an emphasis on financial conflicts and money.”

Kay Lazar

“I am an investigative reporter focusing on stories of misdeeds and misconduct.”

Shelley Murphy

“I'm an investigative reporter, focusing on stories that expose wrongdoing.”

Sacha Pfeiffer

I'm an investigative reporter who has focused on nonprofits, philanthropy, wealth, and the courts.

Michael Rezendes

“I'm an investigative reporter and political writer.”

Walter V. Robinson

“I'm pursuing stories that hold the powerful accountable.”

Andrew Ryan

“I'm an investigative reporter with a focus on watchdog journalism.”

Todd Wallack

“I'm an investigative reporter and data journalist.”



Joseph Sullivan

Peter Abraham

“The Red Sox are a New England institution, and I cover them 12 months a year.”

Julian Benbow

“I cover the Red Sox and Boston College sports.”

Nick Cafardo

“I am the Globe’s national baseball writer.”

Kevin Paul Dupont

“I report on all manner of sports topics, with an emphasis on hockey.”

Chad Finn

“On I ask the sports question of the day; on I cover sports media.”

Christopher L. Gasper

“I provide perspective, opinion, and commentary for the most passionate, devoted, and knowledgeable sports fans in the country in the best sports town in America.”

Stan Grossfeld

“I report and photograph the unusual and unexpected.”

Adam Himmelsbach

“I cover the Boston Celtics.”

Bob Hohler

“I write sports investigative and enterprise stories.”

Jim McBride

“I cover all things New England Patriots.”

Dan Shaughnessy

“I write columns about sports.”

Fluto Shinzawa

“I cover the Boston Bruins and the NHL.”

Alex Speier

“I report on and analyze sports, particularly the Red Sox.”

Ben Volin

“I am the Globe's lead NFL writer, focusing on the Patriots and big-picture league issues.”

Gary Washburn

“I am the Globe’s national NBA writer.”